Justice & Peace – Keimoes Upington Diocese

"without justice, there cannot be peace"

On Saturday, 25 October 2014 we convened a workshop on Pastoral Cycle at
St Anthony Church, Pabalello, Upington.

The following parishes were represented : St Augustine, St Anthony, Holy Child, St Robert and Emmanuel.

The following burning issues were identified:

– poor services at clinics;
– exploitation of pensions/allowances;
– crime in communities;
– alcohol and drug abuse (Tik);
– illegal shebeens (including abuse of workers working for owners) and drug houses in communities;
– teenage pregnancies;
– drinking in public, and
– driving of motorvechiles without driving licences.

Programmes advocating on these issues are in process to be developed and will all communities be involved thereto.

The programme of Action were also adopted.

November 8th, 2014

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A meeting was scheduled with members of the Ethiopian Catholic community, where we expressed our wish to share with them on our common Catholic faith and to build friendship with them, as they are mostly on their own.


They informed us that they so wish to hear Mass in their own mother tongue, as they are attending Mass in English and Afrikaans. They also indicated that there are a Ethiopian priest, working in Soweto, which they would like to invite to Upington to say Mass for them.

We agreed that we will gladly assist them in this regard.

We also intend to meet with the other foreign Catholics in our diocese.

September 28th, 2014

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The Cape Region of J&P gathered for the annual conference in Aliwal North diocese at Mount Carmel Conference Centre over the weekend of 12-14 September 2014.

The dioceses attended, Keimoes-Upington, Port Elizabeth and the hosts Aliwal North.


The following issues were discussed:

Spirituality and Pastoral Cycle, facilitated by Organising Secretary, Kabelo Selema as well as Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Xenophobia facilitated by Michael Pillay of Port Elizabeth diocese.

We also dealt with the diocesan reports as well as the Way Forward.

Keimoes-Upington diocese decided on the following programme of action :

  • Workshop on Pastoral Cycle, engaging the foreign nationals in our parishes as our programme on xenophobia, establishing new groups at parishes in the dioceses, building social activities for members as well as fundraising for programmes.
  • It were also decided that interdiocesan cooperation be forged between dioceses in the Region and the reactivation of dormant dioceses, like Oudtshoorn, Queenstown and de Aar.

The diocese to host the 2015 conference will be decided at the Annual General Conference.

June 22nd, 2014

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